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- a Japanese-style family inn in Tsushima-
722 Kuta, Izuhara-machi, 
Tsushima, Nagasaki, 817-0032  JAPAN 
TEL/FAX: 81-920-52-1716  
     Hundreds of fireflies fly around in summer. Snow flower (Chionanthus retusus) blooms all over like snow in spring. Rocky mountains souring  to the sky, shelter villages, hundreds of inlets along the coast line, historical buildings--all represent great nature, history, and culture of the island . Tsushima is the island with full of attraction.
     Welcome to the natural, cultural, and historical wonderland of Tsushima!  We sincerely support your stay in the island.
1) A  Rental House available in Downtown Izuhara.      
    For further information, go to: Our facility .    
2) Wireless LAN installed and available in each room.      
3) A "Washlet" toilet sheet, an electric toilet seat with water spray
    feature for  washing, installed on each toilet.
An English speaker is NOT ALWAYS available at our location!  Please speak only Japanese on the phone!  English messages through fax and internet are ALWAYS WELCOME!!
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